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Getting Rid of Your Old Mattress

Most mattress companies will remove your old mattress when you purchase a new mattress from them. However, if you order your mattress online from a company like Dreamfoam Bedding, your mattress is delivered through the mail. This means that you have to find a way to get rid of your old mattress. Memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses will eventually become unusable after extended usage. Most people think that they can just throw it away, but that is actually extremely harmful to the environment. Mattresses do not break down in garbage piles like other things. This means that they sit there forever and add to the ever growing garbage problem that the world is facing.

So the real question is what do we do with our old mattresses if we cannot throw them away? You have several choices to choose from. The first is that you recycle it. There specific recycling places that will accept mattresses. There are recycling systems that are able to reuse about ninety percent of the mattress and box spring. They are able to the foam, cotton, cloth and wood found in the mattress and box springs. Oftentimes, the cloth and cotton are used to make clothing and the foam and wood is used in other products. Finding a mattress recycling center can be challenging but there are more and more popping up. Just remember that throwing the memory foam mattresses away can be extremely harmful to the environment.

Another thing you can do is give your old mattress to a charity. Many places, whether charities or homeless shelters always have a need for gently used mattresses. There are several conditions that come associated with giving away your old mattress. The biggest condition is that your mattress is not infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs reproduce quickly and create serious infestations. They bite you while you sleep and cause itchy welts all over your body. Another condition is that your mattress does not have big rips or tears and looks relatively clean. People will be sleeping on these mattresses and no one wants to sleep on a dirty and gross mattress. So making sure that your mattress is clean and clear of any bug problems is crucial if you want to donate your mattress.

You can also call waste management to see what they recommend you do. In some cases they may have a way for you to throw away your mattress in a way that is not harmful to the environment. They may even come pick up the mattress for you free of charge. So if you have really run out of options, or your mattress cannot be donated, give them a call.

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