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Dreamfoam Doze

Dreamfoam doze 11 inch lifestyle image
All 3 height options of dreamfoam doze stacked on each other
Dreamfoam doze 11 inch front product image
Dreamfoam doze 11 inch angled product photo
Dreamfoam doze 9 inch lifestyle image
Dreamfoam doze 9 inch front product photo
Dreamfoam doze 9 inch angled product photo
Dreamfoam doze 7 inch lifestyle image
Dreamfoam doze 7 inch front product photo
Dreamfoam doze 7 inch angled product photo
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Dreamfoam Doze

Supportive to the core—topped with choice comfort


$155 $116.30









Three Dream Sizes 

Find your perfect fit with the option of three dream sizes: 7 inch (firm), 9 inch (medium-firm), and 11 inch (ultra plush), ensuring the look and feel for your bedroom that you crave 

Three Firmness Choices

Our sleep solutions meet your unique sleep requirements. Whether you prefer firm, medium-firm, or ultra plush comfort, we have it in the perfect comfort combination of supportive and cozy

Elevated All-Foam 

We flip the script on foam to give you response, bounce, and contouring. Our strong core of convoluted, high-density foam (6.5”) offers optimal support and pressure point relief—which is then topped with your preferred comfort foam

Safe and Sound Design 

We proudly offer some of the safest foams and materials on the market. Each mattress is CERTIPUR-US Certified, allowing you to breathe easy at night


Ideal Price  

Our factory-direct shipping saves you both time and money. We skip the middleman, while offering easy online shopping, FREE shipping, and bed-in-a-box convenient delivery to your front door 

Durable Design 

Our high-density foam layers are designed to ensure cost and quality control—to safeguard your long-lasting comfort. Plus, we offer a 10-year warranty to ensure that we make good on our promise

Breathable Materials

Fall sleep and stay asleep with the ideal temperature from foams that sport open cell technology to wick away excess body heat. Breathe easy and deep while enjoying naturally cooling sleep

Designed in Arizona 

We are proudly American dreamed and owned—while based in the great state of Arizona. Our master craftsmen design and assemble your quality mattress and our sleep experts are always available to assist you



.75” Quilted Top

Our premium tightly quilted top layer provides moisture-wicking breathability while resisting body impressions for optimal look and feel


6.5” Convoluted Foam Core

Our high-density and super-supportive core sports an egg-carton design to provide you with pressure point relief and body contouring comfort


"Owning their own factory gives Brooklyn Bedding extraordinary control over their materials, cost, and assembly specifications."
"[Brooklyn Bedding offers] high-quality product sold at extremely competitive prices. Their direct-to-consumer business is reflected in the brand's ability to pass savings along to their customers."


"There’s no doubt with Brooklyn Bedding that the designers and manufacturers are mattress experts and knew very well how to make a quality product."



If during your 120-night sleep trial (which begins once you have received your new mattress), you decide that you are not completely happy with your mattress and wish to return it, we will help dispose of your mattress and help you begin your return. 

Please allow 30 days to laps from the date of delivery before beginning the return process.

Customers are able to make use of this 120-night comfort trial on one occasion. The second occasion is not eligible for a return.

Please note: there is a $99 return fee for all mattress returns to cover the cost of picking up your mattress. We do our very best to donate, recycle, or otherwise repurpose all returned mattresses. 

Please contact us at support@brooklynbedding.com with “Return Request” in the subject line, and we will respond quickly to process your request. 

Please Note: No returns or exchanges will be offered on clearance items.

The Dreamfoam Doze is offered in three different height options: our firm model is 7”, our medium-firm model is 9”, and our plush top model is 11”. 

For an illustration of this mattress, a detailed description of each layer, and a full product description, please visit our Dreamfoam Doze product page here.

The Dreamfoam Doze varies in weight, starting at roughly 45 pounds for a twin to 105 pounds for a king. 

For the dimensions of each mattress size, please consult our information graphic here:

The Dreamfoam Doze sports a breathable comfort foam layer, allowing body heat to dissipate to keep  you cool.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the Dreamfoam Doze 7” ranges from a 7 to 9 on the firmness scale—for a firm feel. The Dreamfoam Doze 9” ranges from a 5 to 7 on the firmness scale—for a medium-firm feel. The Dreamfoam Doze 11” ranges from a 3 to 5 on the firmness scale—for a plush top feel.

The Dreamfoam Doze offers a supportive and firm core of high-density foam, allowing for edge to edge support.

Most Brooklyn Bedding mattresses should be rotated every 6 to 8 months but never flipped (or inverted). Our mattresses are designed with comfort layers on top and support layers on bottom, including individually encased coils in hybrid models. We also use higher quality materials that last much longer than traditional mattresses. The exceptions to the “no flip” rule are the Plank Firm, Plank Firm Luxe, the EcoSleep Hybrid, and the Propel All-Foam. These mattresses are designed with varying firmness levels on either side of the mattress and can be flipped to customize your sleep experience.

Any mattress foundation with slats no more than 4 inches apart will work well with any of our mattresses. While a mattress foundation is not necessary, please be sure that the mattress rests on a surface with minimal to no flex. 

If you prefer a foundation, please see our Brooklyn Bedding foundations here.