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Key Features of a Latex Mattress

Sleeping comfortably at night is crucial. We are all supposed to ideally get anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep each night. If our mattresses are uncomfortable, or are not supporting our body correctly, getting the right hours of sleep can be difficult. Getting the right amount of sleep every day allows our bodies to function correctly the next day. This is why having the right mattress is extremely important.

So if the mattress you have is old, or you cannot seem to get comfortable on it, then you may want to consider buying a new latex mattress. Latex mattresses rank really high in customer satisfaction. This is due to how the beds are made and designed. They also have many different levels of firmness.

There are several key features with regards to a latex mattress. The first is the process through which a latex bed is made. There are two different processes that mattress companies use. The first is known as the Dunlop process. The rubber material that latex beds are made of is mixed up into foam. The foam is then poured into a mold and heated to set the texture. The other process is known as the Talalay process. The particular process has a few more steps than the Dunlop process does, which makes it a little more expensive to create. Instead of pouring the foam into a mod, it is poured into a vacuum sealed chamber. This allows for a greater control over the firmness and texture of the material. The foam is also flash frozen to prevent the setting of the foam. Both processes do create a latex mattress though.

Another key feature of latex mattresses is the type of materials used to create the bed. A latex mattress can be natural, synthetic, or a blend. The most common type is a blend. This means that the mattress is made using a blend of both synthetic and natural materials. A fully natural latex mattress is the most uncommon because it is more expensive to make. However, they often tend to be more durable than a synthetic mattress. A natural latex mattress is made using tree rubber and only a few other ingredients. A synthetic mattress is made using petroleum based ingredients. If you want to purchase an all natural mattress, make sure that you read the labels carefully. Some companies like to call their mattresses natural, even if it is only a little bit.

The last key feature of latex mattresses is the firmness of the bed. Those mattresses made using the Dunlop process tends to be firmer than those made using the Talalay process. Firmness is measured using and ILD system. Basically the higher the number for the ILD the more firm the mattress is. A latex mattress can come in a variety of levels of firmness.

Purchasing a latex mattress can be a challenging experience. However, if you go online to a site like Dreamfoam Bedding, you can see exactly what you are purchasing. That way there are no surprises when your mattress arrives. So go online and get started on buying your new mattress right away.