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The Positives and Negatives of a Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses have become increasingly popular in recent years. They offer a variety of different firmness levels, which allows a variety of people to find the right bed for them. There are two different versions on the creation of a latex mattress. The first is the Dunlop version. The Dunlop version creates a denser latex mattress. This particular type of mattress is usually made up of synthetic materials and can be very elastic. This means that the latex mattresses made using the Dunlop method are often the firmer mattress. The other version of a latex mattress is an all natural version. The all natural latex mattress is often made using the Talalay process. A Talalay mattress is made using a vacuum method, which results in a more natural product. This type of latex mattress is often softer than those created with the Dunlop method.

There are many benefits to purchasing a latex mattress. This first is that latex mattresses have a variety of different comfort levels. There are some mattresses that have a lot of support and are firmer than some others. By altering the process through which the mattresses are made, the density can be increased or reduced. Those mattresses produced using the Dunlop method usually has a support factor of four, which is a lot of support. This level of support is often recommended for those who suffer from chronic pain while they sleep, or for those who need a high level of support for their bodies. Talalay mattresses usually have a support factor of three, which is still higher than most other mattress types. So having a wide range of comfort levels, all with a lot of support is definitely a benefit.

Another benefit with regards to latex mattresses is how durable the mattresses are, no matter which method they are made with. A latex mattress is not as prone to lasting body impressions in it, even if you have a softer version. It usually takes owning the mattress for a number of years before your body really starts to leave an impression on the mattress. The springs and materials inside a latex mattress really do last for a while. This is a definite benefit because it means that you will not have to shop for a new mattress any time in the near future.

A large negative to purchasing a latex mattress is that some mattress companies will call their mattresses latex, even if there is not much latex material in it. Instead of using latex material they will use a synthetic material that resembles latex but is not real latex. This can affect both the quality and durability of the mattress. Some mattress companies, like Dreamfoam, list what their latex mattresses are made of right on the website. They make it very clear so that you know what type of latex mattress you are getting. Be sure to ask questions to avoid this particular problem and get the right mattress for the money you pay.

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