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The Stages of Sleep

Besides making sure that we consume the correct nutrition daily, sleep is one of the best things we do for our bodies every day. Sleep allows us to recharge our bodies and our minds when we sleep deeply and comfortable on our latex mattress. Even though you are asleep, your body is constantly repairing neurons and making sure that you are ready to face the next day. Even though you may think you sleep deeply every night, you may not go through all the stages of sleep which allows you to recharge for the next day. There are two main types of sleep, Non-Rapid Eye Movement and Rapid Eye Movement. The stages of sleep are divided among these two types.

The first stage of sleep is where your brain produces theta waves, which are slow brain waves. This stage of sleep is extremely light and is more of a transition stage between being awake and being asleep. Often times during this stage you will experience hypngogaic hallucinations. This a big term for the sensations you sometimes feel like falling, or someone calling your name. We all have been jerked out of sleep by feeling like we are falling off of a cliff or something. You may also experience a myoclonic jerk. This is where you get startled suddenly and jump in your sleep. Your arm may jerk up or your leg may jerk suddenly. This may seem random, but the myoclonic jerks are actually quite common.

The second stage of sleep lasts a bit longer than Stage 1. It lasts for approximately 20 minutes and allows you to sleep more deeply into sleep. During this stage, your brain produces rapid brave activity known as sleep spindles. Your body temperature will also decrease during this stage of sleep and your heart rate will slow down. This allows your body to relax and you to fall asleep quickly.

The third stage is when delta waves begin to appear. This stage of sleep is sometimes known as delta sleep because of the brain waves that are produced during this time period. Noises and activity from the environment around where you are sleeping may not wake you up any more. This is the transitional stage between light sleep and deep sleep. This transitional sleep stage is when bed wetting and sleepwalking are most likely to occur.

The final sleep stage is when rapid eye movement occurs. This means that this is the stage where dreaming occurs. In this stage there is eye movement, increased respiration and increased brain activity. Your muscles will be at their most relaxed state during this sleep stage. You often enter into this stage of sleep around ninety minutes after you fall asleep.

These stages of sleep progress in this order for the most part. You will slip back in to Stage 2 sleep before slipping into Stage 4 sleep. You should realize that if you do not have a comfortable latex mattress, you may wake yourself up out of these sleep stages. That is why

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